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Hi, I'm Carol Abram and I have been meditating and studying Buddhism for 8 years. Soon after I discovered the peaceful contentment that can be accessed through consistent meditation, I became passionate about sharing it with others. 

As a Level 1 Meditation Instructor, I facilitate groups or individuals in learning about meditation and then developing their own personal practice along with skills of mindfulness. In 2020 I became trained in Transcendental Meditation, for my own personal practice. This experience transformed my practice and I am grateful for the opportunity to continue to explore the many aspects of meditation.  

Every meditator will discover their own personal style of meditation over time. It is helpful to try out various techniques and find what resonates with you. You may find that certain techniques, such as guided meditation, may be helpful some days, while on other days your prefer silent meditation. I presently host a small in-person weekly group that I hope to open up to more people in the Fall. 

Thank you for joining in this mindfulness adventure and please feel free to ask me any questions you may have regarding the process.


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