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The Power of Group Meditation

Why do we meditate together? There are many reasons, but the most compelling one would be the inexplicable peacefulness and joy participants will feel during and after the event. You may not experience this uplifting shared energy the first time... or even the second, but if you join in often, you will likely feel the dynamic. The resulting state of mind is subtle and different in every meditator, but I would describe it as calm contentment and a sense of being elevated to a better place in my mind. The busyness in my brain has subsided and everything seems right with the world.

Energy can be contagious and when a room full of people choose to move into a state of presence together, the synergy created permeates all of us. In this setting, we also strengthen our commitment to our personal meditation practice and find a community to support us.

For many people meditation might sound scary, I once felt that way. But by stepping into it in small, bite-size pieces, the fear starts to give way to gratitude for a practice that can help you remain present in your life. As you meditate and the chatter in your brain quiets, and you will experience sensations of spaciousness and the feeling that anything is possible. As you grow your practice you may find yourself being happier, less reactive and more hopeful. We welcome you to join us this Thursday night... you will find the event in my blog.

Please reach out to me, Carol, with any questions or comments.

The mind is a wonderful servant, but a terrible master.”

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